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Date Created:2002-07-15
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I'm an anime and J-Rock fan, also obsessed with ancient texts of any sort, enamored with vampire myth and a nerd for good fiction. Also: pacifist, an INTP, a Liberal/Socialist, a Slytherclaw, pansexual (but quite taken!), and interested in the paranormal.
Strengths: Inventive, energetic, mischievous
Weaknesses: Indifferent, verbose, snarky, anxious
Special Skills: Can correct grammar and edit papers, is not too bad at drawing, writing, and messing with graphics
Weapons: Decorative letter openers
Dislikes: Mean people =;P
Quote: "Egestatem, potestatem, dissolvit ut glaciem-- "Poverty, and power, dissolve like ice."

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